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Embla ThermoWood Pine

Frøslev Embla® ThermoWood® is heat-treated pine  with outstanding durability and dimensional stability. The treatment is free from chemicals and improves the properties of the wood. It is resistant to dry-rot and fungi. Frøslev Embla ThermoWood is therefore a good alternative to other treated products and is particularly suitable for outdoor cladding and terraces.

Why you should choose Frøslev Embla ThermoWood

  • Incredibly dimensionally stable
  • Produced through a process of nothing but heat and steam
  • Free from chemicals
  • Beautiful, brown colour
  • Resistant to dry-rot and fungus

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood certifications

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood is PEFC-certified, carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (pine and spruce) and is declared by EPD Denmark. Read more about all the certifications here.

ThermoWood pine and spruce

ThermoWood in pine and spruce comes from trees from the northernmost Scandinavian latitudes. The trees here are slow-growing which results in narrow, annual growth rings and excellent durability – pine and spruce are in durability class 2.

Pine and spruce are classic choices within ThermoWood and are already seen today in many buildings.

The difference between pine and spruce is particularly evident in the number and size of knots. Pine has larger, scattered knots while spruce has smaller, darker knots.

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood pine and spruce carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Patination and maintenance

Embla patinates beautifully

The heat treatment changes the natural colour of the wood to give it a warmer shade. Over time, the tree patinates into a beautiful, silver-grey shade. To begin with, patination will differ as it depends on the position of the wood in relation to the sun and the elements, as well as the location of the building.

If you want the silver-grey patination, simply leave the wood untreated. It will then simply become more beautiful over the years. If you want to retain the warm, brown shade, Frøslev Embla ThermoWood must be surface-treated before or right after installation. Use colour-pigmented wood preservatives.


Maintain with wood preservatives

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood can be left without further treatment after installation. If you want to minimise the risk of small cracks and splinters in the wood, use an appropriate wood preservative to protect the wood.

How we produce Frøslev Embla ThermoWood

ThermoWood® is produced at Frøslev's own plant. This enables us to carry out checks and quality control throughout the process.

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood is treated with high heat and water vapour. The ThermoWood-treatment removes sugary substances in the wood and changes its cell structure so that neither dry-rot nor fungus can settle in the wood. At the same time, the treatment makes the wood very dimensionally stable.

This means that the wood can keep its shape and neither twists nor turns over time. Frøslev Embla ThermoWood is therefore a resistant product that lasts for many years, even in exposed locations. However, the wood does not tolerate direct ground contact.

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood proces



With heat and steam, the wood temperature is quickly raised to about 100 °C. After this, the temperature is increased evenly to 130 °C during which desiccation takes place. The steam acts as a moisture membrane that changes the cell structure of the wood and prevents the wood from burning and cracking. The moisture content of the wood is reduced to almost zero.



The temperature is raised to between 185 and 212 °C, and the wood is intensively heat-treated. The temperature is kept constant for 2-3 hours. Steam is still used to change the cellular structure of the wood and prevent the wood from burning and cracking.



The water spray system reduces the temperature, and the water content of the wood is raised to approximately 4%.