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A wooden terrace with soft lounge sets, colourful flowerpots and maybe even a terrace heater adds a nice, additional room to the house and makes summer last longer in your garden. Frøslev offers quality wood for terraces in various profiles, wood types and looks. Find more information about the many possibilities here.

Choose the right profile for the terrace

Do you need a smooth or grooved, narrow or wide terrace board? There are plenty of possibilities. You should consider which profile is best for the house and garden as well as your needs. If there are stairs or a lot of traffic, you might want to choose grooved profiles while entirely smooth terrace boards are great for bare feet and pleasant time spent together.

As a general rule, the pith side of the boards should face up. Wood is a living material and will always work when affected by the sun, heat, cold and humidity. With the pith side facing up, the wood bends so that the centre of the boards form the highest point. Water can then run off the surface.

If you need reversible boards, you need a profile with two similar sides. Either two smooth sides or two grooved sides.

Various profiles for various needs


An entirely smooth terrace board with rounded edges where you can always turn the board around so that the nice side is facing up. The profile is the most classic for a uniform wooden terrace.


The profiles have small grooves along the entire surface or combined in a pattern. Our most popular choice is profile 4976 with a combination of a grooved/smooth surface.


The profiles have a distinct pattern with coarse grooves for a beautiful, wavy surface at the terrace. Use profiles with large grooves on stairs as they are less slippery in wet weather.


With Frøslev Grip, you will have no slippery surfaces, and the terrace is safe to walk on. Non-skid grooves have been moulded into the profile – ideal for footpaths, bridges and terraces with a lot of traffic.


Thanks to the concealed installation, you will have a beautiful terrace with no visible screw holes for moisture and dirt to accumulate. The result is a very nice wooden terrace with a smooth and unspoiled surface.

Choose between two solutions:


Frøslev Quick-Deck is installed with clips in the side of each board and ensures equal distance, easy installation and a beautiful outcome. Choose Quick-Deck for ThermoWood® pine, ThermoAsk and Cedar.


Frøslev Supro is installed with clips under each board to make space between the terrace boards and the substructure. It allows air circulation so that the joists dry faster in wet weather. Choose Supro for ThermoWood pine and Adobo.

Wood for any look

If you have decided to build a wooden terrace, you also need to decide what type of wood you want and whether the wood should be treated or left untreated. Wood has a natural colour with shades ranging from brown to reddish, but regardless of the wood you choose, it will turn greyish because of UV radiation from the sun.

If you would like to keep the original colour, the wood must be regularly cleaned and surface-treated using colour-pigmented wood preservatives. The choice is yours as you can easily allow the wood to turn grey. However, all surface treatment will extend the life of the wood, so applying preservatives on the terrace from time to time is recommended.

Frøslev Embla ThermoWood pine

Embla ThermoWood pine has been thermally treated, improving the durability of the wood and making it resistant to dry rot and fungi. The wood has a beautiful, brown shade that will eventually patinate into a silver-grey shade. ThermoWood is dimensionally stable and easy to work with.


Sature is silicate-impregnated quality pine from certified Nordic forests and is a new, ground-breaking material for the construction industry. The silicone impregnation consists of sand (silicate) and water and is a natural and environmentally friendly impregnation that protects the wood from dry rot and fungus, meaning that it can last year after year.

Sature is strong, durable and particularly suitable for terraces in the Danish climate. The wood is light when delivered. If left as it, it will quickly patinate into a light, grey surface – even where the terrace is in the shade.

Frøslev Abodo

Abodo is the exclusive choice with wide terrace boards and the possibility to choose concealed installation. The wood is heat-treated Radiata Pine. The tree is pruned during growth, and the terrace boards are therefore basically knotless. Abodo has extremely beautiful wood grains that can be even more highlighted with a grooved or brushed surface.

If the substructure is made with brown-impregnated wood, the colour will match the terrace boards beautifully.

Pressure-impregnated wood

Pressure-impregnated wood is one of the most inexpensive solutions – and a classic choice for the terrace. Thanks to the pressure-impregnation, the wood is a very durable solution in itself but can also be surface-treated with wood preservatives to extend its life even further.
Frøslev is an expert in pressure-impregnated wood, and we provide a 20-year durability warranty on selected, pressure-impregnated items.
Pressure-impregnated wood is available in brown and green.


Douglas fir is the obvious choice for terraces because of its aesthetic features, warm look and beautiful growth rings. Douglas will give you a beautiful terrace. The wood is rich in resin, turpentine and tannins that act as natural defence mechanisms. These substances help protect the wood from insects, fungi and dry rot, giving it an extended life.


Cedar is a beautiful and durable type of wood, ideal for terraces. Its natural resistance to dry rot, fungus and insect attacks and its beautiful, reddish shade make it a very attractive choice. The wood is extremely durable and has a verified life of at least 50 years. The knotless structure gives the terrace a calm look.

Cedar is the perfect choice for terraces if you want an elegant and durable outdoor solution.

We are passionate about sustainable and verified solutions. You can therefore rest assured that all of our wood is FSC®- or PEFCTM-certified – no matter the kind of wood you choose. Read more


Frøslev Select terrace boards are of the very best quality and has a 20-year warranty*. The wood comes from the large woodlands in northern Scandinavia where trees are slow-growing and are allowed time to grow big. Only the best boards are selected for Select.

  • Two usable sides
  • Healthy and firm knots
  • There may be no large, dead knots
  • No crown edge or mechanical faults
  • * 20-year warranty only ín Denmark
  • The high quality ensures a uniform look

FLEXSPACER – Install terrace boards quickly and easily

Flexspacer makes it quick and easy to install terrace boards and profiles. Flexspacer is a patented, innovative strip solution that ensures equal distance between the terrace boards without your having to make calculations, and the result is a significantly shorter installation time.

Installation and maintenance

How to install your terrace

The method chosen to install your wooden terrace depends on the type of wood you chose. Follow our installation instructions.

Find information and instructions to install your terrace here.


Maintenance of your wooden terrace 

To maintain a beautiful and durable terrace, we recommend cleaning the terrace in the spring and maintain it with proper wood preservatives.

All terrace boards from Frøslev – except Sature® – has wood that must be maintained with pigmented, transparent terrace oil with added fungicides to limit mould formation. Sature® is treated with Sature® care products. Must be bought together with the wood. Otherwise, it will patinate into a greyish colour. The terrace must be thoroughly cleaned before treatment. Follow the instructions for use.

Find inspiration

See a selection of beautiful terrace solutions with wood from Frøslev and find inspiration for your project.

Q&A – Find answers to frequently asked questions


See the handbook Træ 74 for correct installation of wooden terraces. Specific installation instructions are available up on the page. 


Sature® and NTR pressure-impregnated wood must have a max. c/c distance of 600 mm whereas all Frøslev Embla® ThermoWood® solutions must have a max. c/c distance of 450 mm. C/c distance means the distance from the centre to the centre of the joists. See the installation instructions available on the page. 


We do not recommend doing that as there is a risk that the wood will split.

If you want a hidden installation, we recommend our Supro or our Quick-Deck solutions. Supro is available for Frøslev Embla® ThermoWood® pine and Abodo. Quick-Deck is available for ThermoAsh, cedar and ThermoWood® pine.


Algae grow in the autumn, winter and spring and should be removed with an algae cleaner. Follow the instructions on the packaging, and never use a high-pressure washer as it will destroy the wood surface.