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Home acoustics

Frøslev home acoustic panels made of wood for walls and ceilings add warmth, nature and a little edge combined with supreme acoustics. The acoustic panels are produced in Denmark and make an aesthetic framework for a pleasant indoor climate, keeping noise and reverberation at a minimum – even when friends and family are visiting and talking.

Fireproof solution

Frøslev's acoustic panels have been fire tested in their combined structure D-s2, d2. Use in single-family houses etc. meets Schedule 1a of BR18.

Home acoustics from Frøslev Træ is FSC-certified. Certified wood means that the wood is proven to meet certain standards and environmental targets. Read more

Acoustic panels for ceilings and walls

Frøslev Home acoustic panels made of wood for ceilings and walls are the perfect choice for rooms with a high ceiling or large walls that reflect sound and cause disturbing reverberation in the room. Home acoustics will give you a stylish and functional design that improves the acoustics of the room, making sounds and voices clear and easy to hear.

Frøslev acoustic panels for homes is a timeless, Scandinavian design, made in Denmark. The panels add a personal touch to the home and a warm and welcoming glow. The natural materials create structure in the room and form a great contrast to even and painted walls.


We recommend Stringent panels for ceilings. Stringent has even bars and is available in oak and ash. The sound absorbing material is grey.

Select between the variants oak veneer and ash veneer.


We recommend Random panels for walls. They are available in oak, ash and stained pine. Random consists of slats of various widths for a calm look. The sound absorbing material is black.

Select between the variants oak veneer, ash veneer and stained pine.

Find inspiration

Find inspiration for beautiful and effective solutions for ceilings and walls.

Installation and maintenance

Easy and quick to install

Regardless of the acoustic panels you choose, they are easy to install. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

The panels are available in modules of 2400 mm x 611 mm, but their height and width are easy to adapt, and they are easy to use around lamps and socket outlets. They can be installed as entire wall or ceiling surfaces or as small fields.

For optimal acoustic properties, we recommend the insulation behind to be at least 45 mm. Make sure to keep a 5-10 cm distance to the floor for the purpose of vacuum-cleaning and floor-washing.

Find information and instructions to install your acoustic panels here.

Easy to clean and maintain

Frøslev’s acoustic panels are made of organic materials that adjusts in relation to its surroundings. The face veneer will therefore eventually patinate. When exposed to sunlight, for example, the colour will change a bit.

The panels are made for indoor use and are not resistant to water and other sources of moisture. Therefore, do not use water when cleaning the panels. However, they are easy to vacuum-clean with a brush. They can also be cleaned using normal cleaning agents. Make sure the cloth is wrung to prevent more moist than necessary on the surface.