ARKI Kit Opstilling 8775


Thanks to ARKI kits, Frøslev has made construction easy. The concept consists of architect-designed furniture and furniture for outdoor spaces as finished DIY packages containing all components, tools, instructions and step-by-step guides for preparation and installation. Wood is not included.

All ARKI kit designs are made of wood with standard dimensions and can be bought from your own builders’ merchant. This allows you the freedom to choose wood that is just right for you.


Box kit contents

  • Visual step-by-step instructions
  • Templates
  • Bits
  • Wood drill
  • Stainless high-quality A4 screws, types A, B and C and fittings


How much wood you need and the dimensions necessary for the wood can be seen on the back of each ARKI kit. You decide which wood species you would like.

Get started

Well begun is half done. We therefore help you get started with a wood package of your own choosing for the specific ARKI kit project you would like to make. The wood has been cut into the precise lengths and adjusted amounts so that you can start building – quick and easy. Wood packages are available from selected distributors.

Find inspiration for outdoor space furniture you can build with ARKI kits


Sunbed model 0119 makes an irresistible base for any outdoor space. The solid exterior of the sunbed has a firm foundation and provides a feeling of a safe and calm base from which you can enjoy the day, weather and time as they pass by. Model 0119 is a timeless piece of lounge furniture which you will love.

Side table/base

Model 0120 Side table/base is not meant to be left on its own. It is that additional element you need to unify other ARKI kit products. Use the table for sunglasses, cold drinks or whatever you may need to put somewhere.


Model 0419 Plinth is a spacious element which you can place up against something, out of something or maybe leave as a free-standing element in the landscape, on the grass, on the terrace. Right where you want to make your new favourite spot in the sun.

Plant plinth

Model 0619 Plant plinth makes it possible to combine a seating and resting zone with plants. Model 0619 makes features melt together.

Q&A – Find answers to frequently asked questions

You might have a number of questions before, during and after the completion of your project. Find answers to frequently asked questions here:

How long does it take to build a piece of ARKI furniture?

ARKI kits are for everyone regardless of their experience. As long as you follow the instructions point by point, the outcome will be something you will feel proud of for many years to come. Projects such as side tables, plinths and plant plinths typically take a day to build. Larger and more complex projects such as a sunbed may take two days. Building something together is a pleasant way to spend together, so we recommend you do this as a project for the entire family.

How much wood do I need?

If you do not buy a finished wood package but want to do the cutting of the wood yourself, the back of each ARKI kit will tell you the required minimum amounts of wood based on a given standard length. Even if you choose a longer standard length for the wood, you should always place the longest items first for conversion. That will result in the most optimal utilisation of the wood. If in doubt of if you want to get started quickly, you can buy finished wood packages.

Do I need extra screws, nails or other materials?

No. ARKI kits contain all the screws you need – and then some. The screws are of the highest grade and can last the entire life of the furniture. The screws can even be used in wood with a high tannic acid content which would be aggressive for screws of an inferior quality. The quality of the screws also ensures that rust will not spread to the wood, leaving ugly marks.

If you would like to modify your project and therefore need extra screws, always use screws of stainless steel, A4 quality, for outdoor use.

Can the plinth be used for storage?

Yes, the plinth can be rebuilt into a box with a lid that opens – for example to store toys, cushions etc. Do that by installing 3-4 hinges between the lid and the side.

If the screws holding the original plinth are loosened, the risk of the wood becoming warped in relation to each other will increase. Leaving the plinth to adapt to the climate in its surroundings before changing the top into a lid is therefore a good idea.

Note that as soon as movable parts are installed, there is a larger risk of getting your fingers caught. To avoid that, we recommend securing the front of the lid with, e.g., a closing hasp.