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System fencing

Frøslev System Fencing is the perfect solution to emphasise space in the garden, make shelter or offer protection from the outside world. Frøslev System Fencing makes it easy to build a fence that matches your surroundings perfectly. Profiles, wood and posts can be combined in many ways. The fence is also easy to erect so that you can lean back and enjoy your garden that much sooner. In Denmark we offer a 20-year durability warranty on all wooden parts in Frøslev System Fencing so that you can enjoy the fence for many years to come.

Choose the right wood profile

The profile is of major importance to your new fence, so start out your project by choosing which profile you would like. You will create a very simple look if you choose the same profile for the entire fence, but you may also mix and match as you like.

Choose between the variants:


Double overlap profile

Pressure-impregnated green or brown
Painted black, white or anthracite


Lath profile

Pressure-impregnated green or brown
Painted black or white 


Block house profile

Pressure-impregnated green or brown
Painted black, white or anthracite


Biscuit joint profile

Pressure-impregnated green or brown


V-joint profile

Pressure-impregnated green or brown



Pressure-impregnated green or brown
Painted black

Double overlap profile

The double overlap profile is the most popular fencing profile from Frøslev. If provides an extra option as the double overlap is rough on one side and dressed on the other side.

Lath profile

The lath profile is a distinct profile that resembles the old lath fences. However, the fence has no spaces, making it entirely windproof.

Block house profile

The block house profile is a solid and rounded profile with a soft shape that fits most places. The round form makes the fence seem less massive – an ideal choice, in particular for log houses and holiday homes.

Biscuit joint profile

The biscuit joint profile gives a different look with a 'drip nose’ for a nice shadow effect. The profile has sharp edges and a smooth surface that is perfect for a minimalistic architectural style.

The biscuit joint is also available with a low profile height which can be combined with the regular profile. Combine them to add your own personal style to the design of the fence.

V-joint profile

The profile has an edged and simple design. The surface of the fence is broken by narrow, horizontal lines that form a light shadow. This is a minimalistic fencing profile that is beautiful for many different garden environments.


Mommark, has a 'lively surface' and a lighter expression. The fence is built simply with tongue and groove - however, the joints are staggered, so that each fence profile must be rotated in relation to the previous one.

Wood for any look

Depending on the profile you chose for your fence, there are various wood species and colours to choose from.

  • Pine, pressure-impregnated green
  • Pine, pressure-impregnated brown


Painted fencing profiles

All of our painted profiles and top boards are made of high-quality spruce and are delivered primed and initially surface-treated with water-based paint. The posts are pine NTR grade A pressure-impregnated and subsequently surface-treated. Black is the standard colour, but we can basically paint in all RAL colours. Contact us for more information.

  • Spruce, black RAL 9005

Regardless of what you choose, rest assured that the wood will be PEFC-certified. That means that the wood used originates from controlled forestry.

If you choose painted profiles

Final treatment of painted profiles

Please note that the painted spruce profiles are not delivered finished. After installation, the entire fence must have a final surface treatment so that cut surfaces are sealed with paint and screw holes and joints are covered. At receipt of the material for the fence, minor handling and punch marks may occur. These will disappear during the last surface treatment.


Maintenance of painted profiles

Painted products must be finalised once the fence is installed and must be continuously maintained with suitable water-based wood preservatives. The fence will then remain beautiful for many years.

Select top profile

The top profiles are either round or angular, providing a nice finish to the fence. However, do not choose the profile based on its looks only. It also is of practical importance to the fence as it stabilises the construction and form an overhang above the fence profiles. The top profile will therefore protect the fence from the elements. No fence without a top profile.

Round top profile

Provides a soft finish on all fence profiles. It is beautiful with, e.g., the block house profile.

Select between pressure-impregnated green or brown and painted in black.

Oblique top profile

Adds an edged look and is the perfect choice in combination with, for example, an overlap profile.

Select between presure-impregnated green or brown.

Select posts

No fence without posts. But what kind should you choose? Our System Fencing is available with both cylindrical and four-edged posts between the spans. The length and angles of the fence determine how many and which ones to choose. The posts are available in seven different variants, both cylindrical and four-edged, for full flexibility in relation to the design.

Four-edged post

The safe choice when choosing posts. It is a great match for, e.g., the overlap profile and block house profile.

Select between presure-impregnated green or brown and painted black. Laminated posts in presure-impregnated green or brown.

Upgrade your System Fencing

When the basics are in place in relation to your System Fencing, it is time to consider whether to upgrade the fence with a garden gate or a trellis.


Garden gate

If the fence encircles the entire garden, a garden gate may be necessary. The System Fencing allows that possibility as well. The gates are available in all fencing profiles and with several heights and widths.

They come assembled including two heavy posts, hinges, locking units and screws and bolts. Choose the gate based on the number of profiles in the fence. If the fence has nine profiles, choose a corresponding gate.

When installing the garden gate, be aware of the four following things:

  • Founding around the gate posts is necessary to stabilise the construction.
  • To the extent possible, top profiles up to the gate posts must cover two spans.
  • To get straight lines between the fence and the gate, it is important that the bottom profile of the fence has four cm of space from the ground. The space under the gate will vary from model to model.
  • Note that the height of the gate is always lower than the actual fence.

Select between the widths 90 cm and 120 cm and 3 different hights.

How to install System Fencing

Frøslev System Fencing is easy to install.
Find information and instructions to install your System Fencing here.

Q&A – Find answers to frequently asked questions


There are gates made of all of our fence profiles. They are available 90 cm and 120 cm wide. Choose the fence gate based on the fence profile used and the number of profile boards. If the fence has been installed with 13 double overlap profile boards, the gate must also be ordered with 13 double overlap profile boards.


The profile boards are 180 cm long, the posts are 9.0 cm with a slot mortise of 2.5 cm in depth. More information about the detail drawing above is available under “Download documentation”.


See our installation instructions, detail drawing and installation video on this page.