Thermoask Det Flydende Aktivitetshus 02

The floating activity hous

The floating activity house was built with inspiration from old boathouses with simple surfaces and few windows. The building was completed in 2019 and have a sauna, changing facilities and rooms for association activities. The wide bathing jetty and the diving platform are perfect for a dip in the water.

Inside as well as outside, façades, floors and ceilings are clad with Frøslev Embla ThermoWood in ash. That kind of wood is basically knotless. It adds a modern look with straight lines, and the light wood makes you want to spend long days in the activity house.

The location of the building above the water makes you feel as if the large wooden structure is floating in Sandkaj in Nordhavnen. Spektrum Arkitekter together with CG Jensen managed to make the impressive activity house appear both modern and stylish, and it can ”float” on the water.

Wood and profiles

  • Frøslev Embla Ash.
  • NB! Special requirements apply to cladding that is not designed according to the pre-accepted solutions described in the building regulations. 
  • A certified fire management consultant should assess the application in connection with the design of such cladding.

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