OrganoWood® is environmentally friendly and sustainable impregnation - entirely without the use of toxic substances. OrganoWood-modified products are made from high-quality, certified, Swedish wood and are modified with silicon.

Frøslev is a distributor of OrganoWood® in Denmark.


The entire OrganoWood technology is based on wood modification altering the fibres molecularly with non-toxic, silicon-based substances. This makes OrganoWood a very sustainable and environmentally friendly product on the market.

The patented technology has been developed with inspiration from natural fossilisation. During fossilisation, natural substances such as calcium and silicon penetrate the wood and convert it into minerals. This occurs naturally over a very long period of time at a high pressure and temperature.

The mineral cannot be attacked by fungi or microorganisms, and the fossilised material does therefore not degrade. The use of this eco-friendly technology for biofibre modification accelerates the natural fossilisation process, and the entire process is done in the matter of hours.

The method uses natural plant substances as organic catalysts to bind silicas to the wood fibres. Wood material treated with the OrganoWood technology will therefore be approx. 10% fossil and 90% ordinary wood.

Fossilisation mainly occurs on the outside of the fibres which encapsulates them and makes them inaccessible to fungi. Therefore, fungi do not die as is the case when using traditional wood preservatives containing biocides. Instead, a physical barrier is created that prevents the fungi from entering the wood fibres, breaking them down.

As fossil material (silicon) is not combustible, an added benefit is that an effective flame protection is created during the treatment.

Variants and wood

OrganoWood is available in Swedish pinewood as terrace boards and wood studs (for the construction of a wooden terrace).

As something new, OrganoWood is now also available in spruce for exterior façade cladding - please ask our sales team and knowledge partners for further advice and guidance. 

Organowood Basic - wood studs

As the name indicates, OrganoWood Basic is our basic product and is only used for wood studs. Available in dimensions 45 x 70 mm, 45 x 95 mm and 45 x 145 mm.

OrganoWood Select - Terrace boards

OrganoWood Select are terrace boards of the highest quality. The raw material comes from the large woodlands in Central Sweden - where trees are slow-growing and are allowed time to grow big. The annual growth rings in the tree are dense, and durability is therefore of a high quality. The raw material is grade V as a minimum. We recommend that the product is surface-treated right after installation to facilitate future cleaning and maintenance. 

OrganoWood Select Plus - Terrace boards

OrganoWood Select Plus receives extra top treatment. The result is a product that is more dirt- and water-repellent. At the same time, Select Plus is more dimensionally stable with a smaller risk of ingrained impurities and a surface that is easier to clean. Water will glance off the surface when using the new OrganoWood Select Plus. 


The modified tree retains its natural colour but then ages naturally. As wood ages, it will turn grey and eventually gets a silvery grey shade.

The greying of wood occurs due to a number of external factors. Among other things, sunlight degrades the lignin and hemicellulose in the outer wood, causing the wood to bleach. Other factors such as dirt particles, surface deposits and dead wood particles cause the wood to turn grey. The combination of bleaching and greying creates a silvery grey shade.

Depending on the environment in which the wood is placed, ageing occurs at different speeds. Ageing is faster if the wood is subject to the elements and facing south, having the highest exposure to the sun. In pinewood, which consists of heartwood and sapwood, ageing occurs even faster in the sapwood as it absorbs water significantly easier than the heartwood and therefore has a higher moisture content which advances the growth of deposits on the surface.

OrganoWood-modified wood ages naturally which means that greying does not occur evenly throughout the wood. In standard wood, sapwood e.g. greys faster than the heartwood. At an early stage of development, greying may even be spotted, but it evens out relatively quickly. After 1-2 years, a wooden deck placed outside in the sun will have a beautiful surface that is evenly grey.

One effect that may occur on all wood that is placed outside and ages is the so-called chipping ("fibre pile") where fibres come loose from the surface of the wood. This occurs when the lignin which binds the fibres together is degraded by the UV radiation of the sun. The problem especially happens on wood that is placed in environments with intense sun exposure. Chipping can be reduced with surface treatments and proper maintenance.


An OrganoWood terrace is maintained with appropriate wood preservatives and cleaning agents. OrganoWood may not be painted as the structure of the surface is completely dense, and paint can therefore not adhere to the surface.

We recommend that Basic is surface-treated right after installation and continuous maintenance of Basic as well as Premium to keep a beautiful, clean surface. When water no longer settles as beads on the surface of the wood, it is time for cleaning and surface treatment.

Over time, the surface of OrganoWood may get loose wood fibres - this is called fibre pile and is caused by the natural UV radiation of the sun. The surface may appear fleecy. This is completely natural and can be brushed off when the woodwork is dry.

There are a range of wood preservatives for OrganoWood terrace boards. 

  • NO 01. Wood preservative - Protection against flames and rot - Apply together with 02. Wood preservative.
    - Eco-labelled wood preservative which creates a physical barrier against decay fungus while providing flame-retardant properties.
  • NO 02. Wood preservative - Protection against dirt and water - Apply with 01. Wood preservative.
    - For the final treatment of OrganoWood Basic or maintenance of terrace boards treated with OrganoWood Plus.
    - The treatment will make water drops glance off the wood.
  • NO 03. Wood cleaning
    - Eco-labelled cleaning agent for lightly or heavily soiled surfaces.
    - Apply before or after OrganoWood wood preservative