Exclusive LED lighting

Create an impressive setting for your home with LED lighting integrated in the Frøslev system fence.

It provides a different outdoor lighting that accentuates the other lamps with a beautiful and functional light. The LED strip is hidden in the top profile and is connected to a transformer. The length of 1.85 m fits the profile spans and can be connected up to a length of 15 m. If the fence is longer, simply add an extra power supply.

Follow the installation instructions when installing.

LED strip and power supply

LED strip

When connecting a power supply to the LED strip, the plug can be joined both ways, but it only works if it is connected correctly. Turn the plug around if necessary. Put together a maximum of 8 LED strips in a string, i.e. max. 14.8 metres in one length. If more than 8 strips are put together, the light will be reduced after the 14.8 m.


  • Width: 10 mm 
  • 3500K
  • 24VDC
  • RA:80
  • 3528SMD
  • 18W
  • IP54

Including system plugs and 25 nail clips.

Power supply

The power supply can be placed outside and inside and connected to a 230 V power plug. 


  • 24V
  • 150W
  • 6.25A
  • 5 m black cable on primary side 230VAC
  • 3 m white cable on secondary side 24VDC
  • IP67
  • (LXWXH) 23 x 13 x 6 cm.

Optional accessories


LED dimmer with remote control to enable controlling the light intensity of the LED light by remote control.

WIFI controller

Check the LED lighting from your phone or tablet.


With the LED extension, lighting can be extended by 20 cm. at a time. This is very handy when the light is to be adjusted to the actual length of the fence.

Extension cord

6 m of extension cord to connect 2 LED strips at e.g. a gate or a driveway.

LED corner

To joining lighting around a corner post.