Frøslev painted wood

Frøslev offers a wide range of painted wood profiles for exterior use. All products have been painted at our own industrial painting plant.

Construction now - and in the future - places heavy demands on construction materials. Faster assembly time, sustainability, durability and quality are just some of the requirements. Therefore, Frøslev now produces a large series of painted wood where the common denominators are high quality, reduced costs for surface treatment, long life and a contemporary, aesthetic look.


The products have been primed and painted for the first time at our own industrial plant which ensures a uniform application and very precise layer thicknesses on the wood. The system is fully automatic and performs the painting process in one routine with minimal manual handling.

The colours black RAL 9005 and white RAL 9010 are available, but we can solve all tasks in all RAL colours on request.

Please note that the profiles are not finished, and minor handling and punch marks may occur. They will disappear after the last surface treatment that is done after installation.

Profiles and wood

The range of painted profiles covers the following product groups:

  • Façade profiles
  • Multi boards
  • Fascia and overhang boards

All of the above profiles and boards have in common that they have been primed once on all 4 sides + painted once on one surface and two edges.

In addition:

  • System fence profiles

The system fence profiles have been primed once on all 4 sides and painted once on all 4 sides.

Wood type

The best result is obtained by using spruce with a rough surface so that the paint adheres in the best possible way. 

The benefits of painted profiles


  • Briefer construction time on site
  • Better and more secure surface treatment due to industrial application
  • Longer life
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Sustainable and certified spruce from surrounding countries
  • Easy and convenient
  • Many different profiles to choose from
  • Stock item at leading builders merchants and timber yards in Denmark


IMPORTANT After installation, the product must receive a final treatment. In addition to covering any screw holes and cutting, it also protects the façade wood against the elements and results in a long life.

Then maintain as needed. This depends on the elements, constructive protection for eaves, façades facing north/south, wear etc. 

We use water-based paints and also recommend this for the final treatment.