About ash

Ash is a deciduous tree that grows in most of Europe where it grows in nutrient-rich forests. Under favourable conditions, the tree can grow up to 40-60 m. The ash tree is recognised on the olive-green bark and the jagged, pointed leaves.

Frøslev mainly uses ash from Germany and always only certified wood.


The sapwood is light, yellowish and very narrow. In the middle of the tree is the heartwood with a slightly darker, brown shade.

Ash is not the most commonly used type of wood for construction but is gaining more ground - i.a. thermo-treated ash. The wood is used for indoor panelling or exterior façade cladding.

Processing and protection 

Ash is a durable material and is easily processed and maintained. The tree is easily perishable as it is not naturally protected. Therefore, ash should be impregnated or otherwise protected against rot and fungi. 

To the greatest extent possible, all wood must be protected by 'structural protection' which means that you plan and build in such a way that the wood is ventilated and water is drained off so that the tree can dry out.

Wood is a natural material and will eventually turn grey. It is a good idea to protect the wood with suitable wood preservatives when dry - either with flat paint finish or transparent wood preservatives.